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Adapted solutions with high added value

Marchés Tame-Care

Tame-Care®, born out of the health crisis, puts all its expertise at the service of public and private players in order to provide answers to the health challenges of today and tomorrow.

Healthcare institutions

Les établissements de san

In recent weeks, COVID-19 has stressed the importance and necessity of all health care personnel, but also the need for equipment, new approaches ... 
Tame-Care wished to contribute and help in the fight against COVID-19 through the development of different solutions responding to the concrete needs of health institutions.
From disinfection to mitigate the risks of nosocomial infections, to an innovative saliva test for COVID-19, to open source artificial respirators to enable health institutions to cope with the massive influx of patients in intensive care units, Tame-Care is fully committed to your side.


Establishments open to the public

Les établissements recevant du public

In the context of the pandemic, establishments open to the public in the broadest sense were the most solicited to implement security measures for their customers, visitors or users as well as their employees.

Theatres, sports complexes, places of worship, hotels, etc. have all had to rethink the way they operate. The products developed by Tame-Care, such as the robotic UV disinfection solution or the saliva test, have been designed to fit into these new processes and minimize the impact on their organization.



Les transports

The transport sector, one of TRONICO's historical markets, is one of the most strongly impacted by this health crisis. The resumption of their activity and the safety of their users are at the heart of their current concerns. Tame-Care has designed its solutions based on these two issues.

Adapting UV disinfection to aircraft and train cabins, proposing quick tests to be carried out in airports and stations before boarding ferries are examples of use for which Tame-Care aims to provide appropriate solutions while minimising the organisational impact.




The industry is at the heart of Tame-Care's concerns. Being part of this industry, Tame-Care knows the needs of the industry.

In this exceptional context, manufacturers have been pushed to carry out business continuity or recovery plans, reviewing their entire process in terms of employee protection, but risks remain, such as the food industry, which is vulnerable to the spread of the virus. This can have significant human and financial consequences.

Tame-Care has decided to offer them solutions to meet their needs to maintain their activity while guaranteeing total security for their employees. Our solutions minimise this risk, by allowing these manufacturers to completely and quickly disinfect surfaces and ambient air, using UV-C technology, or to easily and quickly test their employees.



Le retail

In this context of global health crisis, Tame-Care has developed concrete solutions for this sector. 

The range of disinfection solutions developed by Tame-Care and its robotics partner E-COBOT allows this sector to further secure their customers and employees. As well adapted to sales areas, as to logistic platforms, these devices are safe and will ensure a complete and fast disinfection:

  • Up to 99,99% of viruses and bacteria eliminated
  • 450 m² in 1h.

With these solutions, your employees will be fully focused on their core business.

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