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COVID-19 saliva test



COVID-19 saliva test


EasyVID®, the device for implementing the EasyCOV® test


Specifically designed and adapted to accurately heat the tubes containing the different reagents, it is available in a 24-well version.
It provides :

  • Temperature maintenance with an excellent level of precision
  • Precise sequencing and timing of the different steps ensures the success of the test.


  • COMFORTABLE & SIMPLE - Programmed to perform this test
  • LAND - Easily transportable
  • FAST - Simple installation
  • SAFE - Complies with the IVD Medical Device Directive

Discover EasyVID in video


Intended primarily for laboratories, or entities performing COVID-19 screening tests, the EasyVID test and its EasyVID implementation device, offers the ability to easily deploy screening points in COVID-19 sampling points:

  • airports, 
  • ports, 
  • stations, 
  • establishments opening to the public, 
  • companies, 
  • sports clubs...

If you are interested in ordering or distributing this device, please contact Tame-Care with your request and provide us with the necessary information to contact you.

EasyCOV®: the Covid-19 saliva test taking less than 60 minutes!

Tame-Care, SkillCell and Alcediag (Sys2Diag / CNRS), three entities of the ALCEN group have pooled their expertise in chemistry and electronics to develop a saliva test: EasyCOV®.

This test, based on the analysis of saliva and co-developed with the CNRS, allows, as indicated by several first-rate scientific studies, efficient detection of the virus, non-invasive sampling and safe implementation.

EasyCOV's performance has been validated by a study that began on April 11th at Montpellier University Hospital.


  • COMFORTABLE - A simple saliva sample
  • FIELD - Very easy to use
  • FAST - Test result within 60 min
  • SIMPLE - Colorimetric analysis for easier interpretation

This solution enables mass testing and optimisation of containment strategies.

Test sequence

To discover and order now, the EasyCOV test kits developed by SkillCell, complementary to the EasyVID heating device : click here

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